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  • A swimming pool to relax in Avignon
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Swimming pool & Terrace

The swimming pool in Avignon, a compulsory luxury

The pool is heated (depending on the season) to 28°. A pleasure to live under the sun of Provence and to the rhythm of the cymbals of the cicadas...

Note-well: Currently, the pool is closed:-( ! (scheduled to reopen in May 2020).

La piscine de l'hôtel d'Avignon>La piscine de l'hôtel d'AvignonLa piscine de l'hôtel d'Avignon

La piscine de l'hôtel d'Avignonthe hotel pool in AvignonLa piscine de l'hôtel d' Avignon

It is true that in Avignon and its region, the sun is so permanent on summer days that the need for freshness is almost mandatory, at any time of the day. In our region, there are many swimming pools, but ours is unique. And if you don't like water, you can always come and visit us to enjoy the sunbathing facilities available for our customers, all around our beautiful swimming pool!